Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday I wish you were Friday!

     Woke up while it was still very dark to a little minion yelling at me that he wants to "go downstaiz and watch Mickey"! What? Where am I? What time is it? Oh right, it's Monday at a glorious 5:15 AM. Why won't this child go back to sleep! head is splitting and I need more sleep. The minion he doesn't care. He wants Mickey! I want to cry!
     Up and moving slow, head still splitting, now all 4 boys are awake thanks to the screaming Mickey obsessed minion. "Mom, I want waffles. He had more than me! I want cereal. I want juice. Where is my book? I want Mickey! I don't like this cereal. He is being mean to me mom! You smell like poop. You look like poop. MOM!!!!!!" My head is splitting even more now. Didn't these kids get the memo that it is way too early on Monday morning, post Super Bowl? I hate Monday's! Going to need some serious motivation to make it through this day...this whole long week! Whaaaaaa!! Advil...need Advil. Not sure the usual pep talks I give myself will work today. I need more today. What are my blessings? It helps when I name them...lets do this together! Name a blessing to help get through Monday! Name as many as you can think of! Right now I am feeling blessed to have Advil and coffee! Gotta run because the minion is screaming for Mickey with no clothes on and have to get to preschool by 9! Hopefully I get to brush my teeth...
     Dig deeper mamas! Happy Monday!