Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday for Mama

     Today is the long awaited Super Bowl and in my testosterone dominated home, it's a very big day! The boys have been pumped since morning. They can't wait to eat, cheer, yell at the TV and of course, eat some more. Everyone wants to eat and eat and eat yummy football friendly foods. So what does that mean for mama!?
     Super Bowl Sunday is not the same relaxing day for mom as it is for my guys. Mama has to plan the menu, go food shopping, and along with all the regular chores including the never ending laundry piles, yours truly gets the great honor of preparing and serving everything. The cherry on top is the cleaning and scraping up of the food off of the floor...again. Mom didn't get to see Lady Gaga perform the National Anthem. I heard she was fantastic! Mom didn't get to see the half time show either. I can hear the fire crackling in the fireplace, the boys playing catch with the nerf football and the cheers coming from the living room. I wish I could get in there and enjoy these moments with them! I want to kick my feet up and sip my glass of Pinot Noir that has been waiting for me for two hours. I start to grit my teeth and feel annoyed. It is NOT fair! I want to relax and hang out too!
     As the feelings of frustration continue to brew, my boys come running in the kitchen while I clean out the sink. "Mama, that was the best dinner ever!! Your the best mom in the world! Come watch the game mom!" I immediately forget my frustration and feel so happy and blessed that I provided my boys with a meal they loved so much! It makes me happy to know they are enjoying this day and making memories together. I will forget the hours in the kitchen but I will always remember thier happy little faces! They will always remember the yummy meals mom made for the game! I may not get to relax, but I get to enjoy my men! That is mama's Super Bowl Sunday!
Cheers mama's!!